Sarah Natalie Bloch – intuitive Visual Artist & Illustrator

Sarah Natalie Bloch is an intuitive Visual Artist & Illustrator, currently residing in Friedrichshafen, at the very south of Germany.

Sarah`s highly sensitive nature helps her to perceive the world in a different way than most people. She feels a deep connection to nature and the “unseen” world of angels, fairies, power animals and other wonderful spirit guides. And through this connection – and her love for fantasy stories – she gets her inspiration for her artwork.

Sarah has studied Media-Design and has worked in the advertisement industry in Munich before she rediscovered her passion for illustrating and painting, especially for drawing faces. She did an online training by Robert Chang at CGSociety.org, and started off with digital painting in Photoshop. Some years of intensive self-teaching followed.

In addition to that Sarah did further studies in colour therapy and energy work, which she also incorporates in her artwork.